Friends Lectures Grouped by Subject

Dr Williams’s Library

(1) 1947 Dr Williams and his Library, by Stephen Kay Jones. 1948.

(16) 1962 Daniel Williams Presbyterian Bishop, by Roger Thomas. 1964.

(33) 1979 A Venerable Dissenting Institution: Dr Williams’s Library, 1729-1979, by Ernest A. Payne. 1979.

(53) 1999 Dr Williams’s Library: The Last Fifty Years, by John Creasey. 2000.

(70) 2016 Dr Williams’s Library 1729-1793: ‘a good library, under the direction of the dissenters’, by Alan Argent. 2017.

Medieval and Byzantine studies

(9) 1955 Cistercians & Cluniacs: The Controversy between St. Bernard and Peter the Venerable, by M. D. Knowles. 1955.

(13) 1959 Ascetics and Humanists in Eleventh-Century Byzantium, by J. M. Hussey. 1960.

(34) 1980 Church, State, and Learning in Twelfth Century Byzantium, by Robert Browning. 1981.

(40) 1986 The Crusades and the Unity of Christendom, by Donald MacGillivray Nicol. 1986.

(47) 1993 The Church in the Byzantine Dark Ages, by Averil Cameron. 1993.

(57) 2003If it looks like an elephant’: Defining the Crusade, by Norman Housley. 2004.

Reformation and sixteenth century

(17) 1963 A Mirror of Elizabethan Puritanism: The Life and Letters of ‘Godly Master Dering’, by Patrick Collinson. 1964.

(25) 1971 John a Lasco, 1499-1560: A Pole in Reformation England, by Basil Hall. 1971.

(29) 1975 John Foxe the Martyrologist: His Life and Time, by Neville Williams. 1975.

(71) 2017 Thomas Cromwell’s Religion Revisited, by Diarmaid MacCulloch. 2018.

Seventeenth century

(26) 1972 A Seventeenth-Century Defender of Islam: Henry Stubbe (1632-76) and his Book, by P. M. Holt. 1972.

(31) 1977 Hanserd Knollys and Radical Dissent in the 17th Century, by B. R. White. 1977.

(32) 1978 Life and Story in the Pilgrim’s Progress, by Roger Sharrock. 1978.

(37) 1983 Godly Exercises or the Devil’s Dance? Puritanism and Popular Culture in Pre-Civil War England, by Jeremy Goring. 1983.

(43) 1989 The Idea of Tolerance and the Act of Toleration, by Johannes van den Berg. 1989.

(44) 1990 The Fortunes of English Puritanism, 1603-1640, by Nicholas Tyacke. 1990.

(45) 1991 Loving & Free Converse: Richard Baxter in his Letters, by N. H. Keeble. 1991.

(54) 2000 Puritanism and the Origins of the English Civil War, by W. M. Lamont. 2001.

(60) 2006 Continuity and Change in Protestant Preaching in Early Modern England, by I. M. Green. 2009.

(61) 2007 A Darker Shade of Pepys: The Ent’ring Book of Roger Morrice, by Mark Goldie. 2009.

(62) 2008 From Ritualist to Radical: The Theology of Milton, by Gordon Campbell. 2021.

(65) 2011 The King James Bible of 1611: The Making of a Classic Translation, by Alister McGrath. 2013.

(66) 2012 The Laity and Preaching in Post-Reformation England, by John Spurr. 2013.

(67) 2013 Harmless Freedom. John Biddle, John Knowles and the Reception of Polish Socinian Defences of Toleration, c. 1650-1665, by Justin Champion. 2015.

(72) 2018 A Treasury, Or Library of Parliament Sermons’: 1640s Fast Sermons and the History of the Book, by Ann Hughes. 2019.

Eighteenth century

(5) 1951 Richard Baxter and Philip Doddridge: A Study in a Tradition, by Geoffrey F. Nuttall. 1951. Out of print.

(11) 1957 Sir Robert Walpole, Samuel Holden, and the Dissenting Deputies, by Norman C. Hunt. 1957.

(18) 1964 Methodism and the Puritans, by John A. Newton. 1964.

(23) 1969 Joseph Butler, 1692-1752, Author of The Analogy of Religion: Some Features of his Life and Thought, by Ian T. Ramsey. 1969.

(36) 1982 Peter and Jack: Roman Catholics and Dissent in Eighteenth Century England, by Eamon Duffy. 1982.

(48) 1994 John Wesley, 1703-1791: A Bicentennial Tribute, by John Walsh. 1993.

(50) 1996 ‘To revive the memory of some excellent men’: Edmund Calamy and the Early Historians of Nonconformity, by David L. Wykes. 1997.

(55) 2001 Those Eighteenth Century Divines: Writing for the New Dictionary of National Biography, by Alan Ruston. 2001.

(51) 1997 Theophilus Lindsey: From Anglican to Unitarian, by G. M. Ditchfield. 1998.

(56) 2002 The Defence of Truth through the Knowledge of Error: Philip Doddridge’s Academy Lectures, by Isabel Rivers. 2003.

(59) 2005 The Letters of Theophilus Lindsey and the Cause of Protestantism in Late Eighteenth-Century Britain, by G. M. Ditchfield. 2007.

(69) 2015 The Life of Friends in an Age of Revolutions: James Wodrow (1730-1810) and Samuel Kenrick (1728-1811), by Martin Fitzpatrick. 2016.

Nineteenth and twentieth centuries

(19) 1965 Friends of Humanity; With Special Reference to the Quaker, William Allen, 1770-1843, by L. Hugh. Doncaster. 1965.

(20) 1966 From Darwin to Blatchford: The Role of Darwinism in Christian Apologetic, 1875-1910, by John Kent. 1966.

(21) 1967 Dissenters and Public Affairs in Mid-Victorian England, by Frank Reyner Salter. 1967.

(24) 1970 Edward Carpenter, 1844-1929: Democratic Author and Poet, by Edward Carpenter. 1970.

(27) 1973 Piety in Queen Victoria’s Reign, by Elizabeth Longford. 1973.

(35) 1981 Belmont’s Portias: Victorian Nonconformists and Middle-Class Education for Girls, by Clyde Binfield. 1981.

(39) 1985 Denominationalism and Dissent, 1795-1835: A Question of Identity, by David M. Thompson. 1985.

(63) 2009 Henry Crabb Robinson and the Founding of University Hall, by Rosemary Ashton. 2021.

(64) 2010 The Intellectual Attainments of Evangelical Nonconformity: A Nineteenth-Century Case-Study, by D. W. Bebbington. 2014.

(68) 2014 Revisiting Religion and the British Soldier in the First World War, by Michael Snape. 2015.

Material and archival records of dissent

(3) 1949 The Book of Common Prayer and the Worship of the Non-Anglican Churches, by William D. Maxwell, 1950. Out of print.

(30) 1976 Architects of Dissent: Some Nonconformist Patrons and their Architects, by Christopher Stell. 1976.

(73) 2019 Archives of Dissent: Family, Memory, and the English Nonconformist Tradition, by Alexandra Walsham. 2020.

Biblical studies

(2) 1948 Literary Criticism, Common Sense, and the Bible, by Frederic G. Kenyon, 1949. Out of print.

(4) 1950 The Hebrew Scrolls, from the Neighbourhood of Jericho and the Dead Sea, by Godfrey Rolles Driver. 1951. Out of print.

(6) 1952 The Trial of Jesus, by G. D. Kilpatrick. 1953.

(15) 1961 ‘A Neglected Text of The Song of Songs’, by W. D. McHardy. Not printed.

(42) 1988 The Theology of Rhetoric: The Epistle to the Hebrews, by Christopher Francis Evans. 1988.

(58) 2004 The Ethiopic Book of Enoch in Recent Research, by Michael A. Knibb. 2005.


(14) 1960 The Essene Problem, by Matthew Black. 1961.

(38) 1984 Symbols for the Divine in the Kabbalah, by Louis Jacobs. 1984.

(52) 1998 The Jewish Messiah: The Future of a Delusion, by Dan Cohn-Sherbok. 1999.

Persian studies

(41) 1987 Zoroastrianism: A Shadowy but Powerful Presence in the Judaeo-Christian World, by Mary Boyce. 1987.


(22) 1968 The Significance of the Bhagavad-Gītā for Christian Theology, by Edward Geoffrey Parrinder. 1968.

History of ideas

(7) 1953 Organic Design: Scientific Thought from Ray to Paley, by C. E. Raven. 1954.

(8) 1954 The True and the Valid, by Richard Ithamar Aaron. 1955.

(10) 1956 The Religious Philosophy of Dean Mansel, by W. R. Matthews. 1956.

(12) 1958 Facts and Obligations, by Dorothy Emmet. 1958.

(28) 1974 Which God is Dead? by R. C. Zaehner. 1974.

(46) 1992 Is Christianity a Historical Religion? by Keith Ward. 1992.

(49) 1995 Why did the English Stop Going to Church?, by Michael Watts. 1995.