Conservation & Research

The complex decanting process for the Trust’s varied collections has been conservation led. An extensive and complex project was initiated, pre COVID, under the control of Ms Jane Giscombe; Jane left the Trust’s employment in October 2023.

The final stages of the delicate project, which has focussed on some of the rarest material, have benefited from the advice and supervision of Susie Bioletti, former Keeper of Preservation and Conservation at the Old Library, Trinity College, Dublin. At Dublin Susie has led one of the most extensive decanting projects for any library worldwide. Her input and sound advice for the Trust at this late stage has been practical and invaluable. And in recent weeks Catt Thomson Baum has provided further practical expertise on the ground. Catt has worked in conjunction with a specialist packing team from Jamie Briggs, Oxford. Thanks to their professionalism and the supervision of the Transition Co-ordinator, Lisa Cheetham, the Trust is happy to acknowledge that the building will be vacated in a timely manner as agreed in our contacts with University College, London (UCL).


Susie Bioletti former Keeper of Preservation and Conservation, the Old Library, Trinity College, Dublin, with Dame Jacinda Ardern, former Prime Minister of Aotearoa / New Zealand at the Long Room, Trinity College.