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Anatomische Abbidung des Gehirnes (Leipzig)

Dr Williams's Library; George Henry Lewes Collection

Johann Friedrich Schröter (1770-1836), engraver of portraits, anatomical subjects, etc.

Conserved as part of the DWL Adopt Scheme


Nicholas Byfield 1579-1622 (before and after conservation)


Bespoke boxes for rare books: preservation


Italian Rare book project: La Cleopatra : poema di Girolamo Gratiani.

Ariosto and Tasso with quills in hand and writing books at the ready welcome the poet Giroloma Gratiani into the fold:

La Cleopatra : poema di Girolamo Gratiani.


Giacomo Sarzina [printer.].

Venetia M DC XXXIII. (1633)



At Dr Williams’s Library



Trinity Congregational Chapel

St Matthew’s Road,

London SW2 1NF.


Circular stairs at Dr Williams’s Library


Dr Williams’s Library, 14 Gordon Square, London.


Entrance: Dr Williams’s Library.


Dr Williams’s Library: Winter light and long shadows. 2021